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Find the best way to access credit facilities with Orchardbank.

Business entities require credit facilities to expand their services; private investors seek long term loans to enhance growth of their enterprises, while sole proprietors seek for the best credit facilities to expand their small scale enterprises. Whichever the level of business, Orchardbank is here to solve your needs. Orchardbank is a leading financial institution that offers credit facilities to customers. Orchardbank has introduced the use of orchard bank credit card. This card enables holders to access long term and short term credit facilities. It helps to gather for individuals with bad credit history.

Www.OrchardBank.Com gives different customers chance to apply for credit facilities; application is based on four different cards depending on customer’s credit ability. Once application forms are received, they are processed faster. Customers are referred to type of credit card to use. Credit cards offered to customers can be either secured or unsecured. Secured credit card has security; however customers may incur extra charges in order to qualify for secure credit cards. They have high annual fee payments. It is expensive but more secured. Many borrowers prefer borrowing on long term basis; however the amount of credit to borrow must be well secured. This prevents risks and losses that may lead to lower profit margins in many enterprises. This is what orchardbank does for you. Unsecured cards on the other hand do not carry any security. Unsecured cards are meant to benefit customers with lower credit history. It carries no registration cost, lower annual payments and lower rates. Such cards include platinum credit cards.

Platinum credit cards have been introduced to cater for the needs of customers with poor credit records. It is cheap and affordable to customers. However it may be difficult to acquire it because it carries a lower price value. Customers with weak credit history may best suit into this category. Platinum credit card holders enjoy many benefits. Annual fee is lower since it ranges from $39 to $59. Initial applicant are not charger any fee to process their forms. Other credit cards may have high registration and annual fee payment.

However, orchardbank platinum credit cards are cheaper. Customers with lower credit history can access funds to develop their businesses. New applicants should never worry about Orchardbank credit services; Orchardbank has enhanced online application of credit cards. Customers in different locations always worry on how to access orchard bank’s credit services; it is simple, fill application forms online and submits them. Orchard bank staff will evaluate and rate you, customers are then advised on which credit card suits their applications. Customers can pick from different cards which best suits him. Proper use of platinum credit cards enables customers to build their credit ratings, Orchardbank post credit behaviors of different customers to financial institutions such as credit bureaus after a given period of time.

Orchard bank secured MasterCard enables customers with bad credit to build their credit history. Www.OrchardBank.Com reports good holders of, master cards to different bureaus, thus building their history. MasterCard carry lower interest rates with no registration fee foe new customers. Annual payments may vary with time.

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